Power Surge Protection

The NewsChannel 5 Troubleshooter and Consumer hotlines are buzzing with complaints about power surges. Consumers are reporting their electronics are fried by powerful surges.

FirstEnergy is considering power surge insurance to help homeowners. You’d pay a small monthly fee for insurance. The investigation into this process is just starting, so there are no details IF the electric company offered the service.

Getting a utility to pay a claim is difficult no matter where you live. They often don’t pay unless you can prove negligence.

So, you need to protect your home especially now that homes are filled with expensive electronics.

Power strips won’t necessarily protect your equipment. The best solution that’s fairly reasonable protects your whole house. For $100-300 you can buy whole house protection with installation.

Utilities across the country offer the service, but not every one. See how this powerful device can protect your home from a powerful surge.


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