Dishwasher detergent changing

Have you noticed your dishwasher detergent is different? Maybe you haven’t noticed the new claims, but some consumers say they’ve noticed their dishes are not as clean.

That’s because phosphates, a cleaning agent, are now banned in 16 states including Ohio. Phopshates can get into the drinking water and can cause problems. In the Great Lakes region, the phosphates cause dangerous algae blooms which in turn allow invasive species like carp to thrive.

Ohio Senator Voinovich wants a nationwide ban, but for now there is a ban in many states. It’s prompted manufacturers to boast their product is “phosphate free.”

We found a loophole in Ohio’s law that allows phosphate detergents to remain on store shelves.

Many consumers are complaining about dirty dishes now that most detergents don’t contain phosphates. Consumer Reports found phosphate free detergents are improving. The new detergents scored much better in their second round of testing. Click here for more details on the latest tests.


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