Teacher savings

Growing up with a teacher as a parent, I know they spend a lot of their own money on their students. I remember going to the teacher store every August looking for bargains and good teaching tools.

A few years ago, the IRS gave teachers a tax break. It’s still small in comparison to what some of them spend.

A survey by the Cleveland Teachers Union of 104 teachers found they spent $70,192.80 of their own money for school supplies.

It’s these staggering statistics that prompt many stores to offer teacher discounts.

I compiled a list of dozens of websites that can save teachers money. Just click here for all the details. You can save on your own personal clothing at stores like Ann Taylor Loft and Banana Republic or on your own personal vacation. There are also stores that offer teacher specific savings for school supplies.

Cleveland also has a unique opportunity for businesses to help teachers get the school supplies they need for their classroom as part of the Cleveland Kids in Need Resource Center. If your company is changing logos or has old give-aways collecting dust, a teacher could probably put them to good use.

Find out how your company can make a difference for teachers who don’t have many resources. Check out the creative ways teachers are turning one company’s trash into a teaching treasure.


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