Mystery code saves you money

Do you know what this picture is? It’s appearing on business signs, in magazines, and other promotions. Don’t ignore it. The maze like picture could save you money.

It’s called a QR code, and stands for quick response technology.

The codes have been used in Japan for years, and started out being used to keep track of parts in an automotive setting. Now, these codes can save you money. They are just catching on in the United States.

Marketing experts predict you’ll see these on business cards, T-shirts, taxi cabs, etc. in just a few years. See how the technology works, and why there are still some bugs in it.

Click on the NewsChannel 5 story to see what apps our expert recommended and our tech staff. Just note, they don’t always work on every phone. You really have to shop around for the best app for your phone.


2 thoughts on “Mystery code saves you money

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