Report & check the safety of products

Before you make your next big purchase for your child or yourself, you may want to consider more than just ratings on the product. There is a product safety database that you can search, and it will be full of complaints from other consumers.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) runs   On the site, consumers can search the database or file a complaint. The new site is a result of so many recalls on children’s products.

As with any database, you need to qualify the comments you see. As one parent told me, the comments are a good starting point to get the safety conversation going. As we’ve seen, it’s taken too long to get the conversation going on some toys and it’s caused injuries and death in children.

If you’re filing a complaint, make sure you report a legitimate safety issue.  Also, make sure you’re reporting the right company.  For example, a Disney pop-up tent with Disney characters on it is not made by Disney. They license the use of their name and characters. You need to look for the small tag on the product or check the bottom of the toy to find the manufacturer’s name. That’s probably the only clue you’ll have since the big tag that’s attached to the toy when you buy it at the store will be gone by the time you have a problem.


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