How to get that rebate $$$

Rebates are enticing. They make a product look cheaper, but before you buy a product with a rebate you need to read the fine print.  Decide whether its’ really worth the aggravation for that rebate.

I filled out three rebates recently, and what a headache. The two minor ones ($3-$4) each both caused me problems. One company told me I didn’t send in the UPC Code. I remembered that rebate distinctly because I thought it was odd they didn’t want the actual UPC code. The company just asked you to write in the UPC code.

I scanned the rebate before I mailed it in so I called the company and read them the directions. They realized they punched in the UPC code that I’d written on the form incorrectly into their computer. Now the check is supposedly in the mail.

Another company told me they never received my rebate. I called to complain. They told me I’d have to find the original paperwork to get the money. Of course that was the one I didn’t scan. The company either found my form later or realized I was not happy, and surprisingly mailed me a check within a week.

Companies bank on the fact that consumers won’t follow the rules to qualify for the rebate. THat means more money in their pocket. So, keep good records to make sure that money ends up in your pocket.


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