Award-Winning Consumer Investigative Reporter

CONSUMER NEWS MOM (3)Thanks for allowing me to empower you to be a smarter consumer. I’ve been covering consumer issues for 16 years, and I’m excited to share my knowledge with others. I always get asked for advice about hiring a reliable contractor, checking your credit, closing credit cards, etc. My friends nicknamed all my advice, sometimes unsolicited, my Watchdog Wisdom as I was the Consumer Watchdog at my most recent job. I’m hoping this blog will answer your questions.

Thank you to the thousands of people who’ve been courageous enough to share their story with me so I can help others at the same time. I look for the lesson in every story, to empower you to make better choices. Whether it’s buying a car, buying a house, or these days — saving your house — there are ways to get action on your consumer problem.

I started out behind the scenes, and have worked my way in front of the camera. My stories have exposed fraud, shut down businesses, sent people to prison, led to class action lawsuits, and legal action from Attorneys General.

I’ve helped consumers in South Bend, Kansas City, Cleveland, and West Palm Beach. I grew up in Connecticut, and went to school at Syracuse University.

I’ve won three Emmys, and three regional Edward R. Murrow awards for my investigations. I’ve also received several Emmy nominations, and won several state broadcasting awards.

My spare time
I like to fight for what’s right — whether it’s with my work as a journalist or my work volunteering. I’ve been a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters for over six years. I also work with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Volunteering is as rewarding as my job. I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters as a tribute to my late sister. She was one month from graduating college with an education degree when she was tragically killed. It changed my life, and in honor of her I wanted to do something with children. It was her second grade class that taught me that it’s okay to laugh again. I never expected a group of second graders to help me through my grief journey.

I also never expected being a “Big” would be so rewarding. I think I’ve learned as much as my “Little.” My second “Little” (the one in KC) was diagnosed with Type I diabetes about a year or two into our partnership.

It changed her life, and as challenging as it was, I’m glad I was there to help her family cope. It was the least I could do after so many people helped me through my personal tragedy. Now, I’m committed to doing everything I can to find a cure for the millions of children who have to wear an insulin pump. It’s my “Little’s” dream to be insulin free some day, and I hope in my lifetime that comes true. Our message was displayed on a billboard in Kansas City as part of a JDRF campaign. 

In my spare time, I also love to travel and take photographs. Some of my favorite places that you should add to your bucket list — rafting the Colorado through the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park — the Disney World of Mother Nature, Slovenia, Switzerland, and New Zealand. On my bucket list: an African Safari.

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4 thoughts on “Award-Winning Consumer Investigative Reporter

  1. I need to know what are the steps of reporting a independent company for stealing freon out of my air condition. The tech got paid late after completeing a job, where he did not have to add freon just crack the ice out of the line running in the a/c unit. however, when I inofrmed him that the company check would be a few weeks late, he came back and used a tank to suck the freon out of my a/c unit. please help .


    • Shelina – I’d call the company and try to work this out. It may be he said she said, but call or write a letter to the owner. I always tell consumers to keep their emotions in check. Whenever you are going to pay someone late, I’d work it out with the home office and not the tech unless they are an independent contractor. I’d let them know in advance of their service.


  2. If you aren’t able to help with my situation would you please refer me to someone if possible. My name is Gayla Masewicz and I was infringed upon by Walt Disney. I own a Registered Trademark and they used it in one of their movies without my permission. I received a letter basically stating they know they infringed but legally there isn’t anything I can do.


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