Beware of freon warnings

Heating and cooling companies are using scare tactics and twisting the truth about freon. Experts I’ve talked to in the field say it’s not going to be exorbitant to fill your air conditioning unit with freon and your unit will not be useless as some ads claim.

So, what’s prompted all this frantic freon flyers?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is phasing out R-22 freon over the next 10-20 years. Starting in 2010, R-22 freon can’t be added to newly manufactured units. This DOES NOT mean R-22 can’t be added to your old unit in your backyard.

Environmental journalism supports the protecti...

Image via Wikipediabe added to an old unit in your backyard.

The EPA says it’s doing a decade long phaseout to control the price. Since the ban on newly manufactured units went into effect in 2010, some heating and cooling companies have seen a price increase of as much as 30%. However, experts say there is no need to rush out and fill your A/C unit with freon.

Other companies are scaring consumers, and pointing to the R-12 phaseout as the reasoning behind their marketing efforts. R-12 was in short supply and a black market was created for that product.

If you didn’t have enough freon, your unit would not cool properly on a hot day and you may see ice build-up. The best advice is to stay calm and just have your unit serviced regularly. There is no need to run out and fill up on R-22 freon. It will be around probably longer than your current unit lasts.

For more information:
Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute



3 thoughts on “Beware of freon warnings

  1. Obama’s EPA changed the rules on Jan. 4th of this year, effectively cutting production of R22. Prices for R22 have doubled since. Call any local A/C service company and ask them for price per pound of R22 compared to last year.


  2. The freon scare was nothing more than a pack of lies to protect profits for Dupont. Their patten expired in 1989, and in order to prevent other companies from producing R12 or R22, they conjured up a lie to scare the public into believing that R12 or R22 caused damage to the ozone. The science behind this scam was a lie that the public unfortunately bought. Freon is nothing more than chlorine; this is a natural substance produced by volcano’s, and is also what we use in our swimming pools. We also use it in our washing machines every day. More importantly, chlorine is heavier than air, and thus DOES NOT rise into the atmosphere as they claim; it sinks into the ground and becomes plant food. The sole purpose behind this scam is to protect profits for Dupont. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with R12 or R22. The supposed “hole” above the North Pole is a natural cycle based on sunlight availability. During periods of darkness, there IS NOT ozone. Ozone is created by sunlight, and without sunlight, no ozone is visible. It’s shameful that the EPA jumped on this ban wagon and has allowed American citizens to be dooped by this kind of lie, and all to protect Dupont’s investments. You sure as heck don’t see other countries halting R22 production. China still produces R22 with no intentions on stopping.


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