Nissan fixes chipped car

Black. Blue. Red. White. What if the color of your car chipped and flaked off as you drove? Suddenly that color you chose is speckled with silver dots. A Florida woman grew frustrated by the problem dotting her Nissan. The paint flaked off when she washed it and even drove down the road. She reached out to me after she couldn’t get the manufacturer to help her. After I got involved, Nissan responded.

“Our field inspection team looked at the vehicle and determined that the primer is not holding the paint and the metal surfaces need to be prepped and painted,” a Nissan spokesperson wrote.

Nissan fixes chipping car

Nissan repainted a car in Florida to fix the chipping paint.

After my involvement, Nissan repainted her car.

Paint chipping impacts many car manufacturers. While sometimes it’s an issue from the factory as we saw in this case, body shops say many manufacturers don’t fix the problem. They blame the weather. Whether it’s the salt or the sun. Your car paint takes a beating, and it doesn’t have to be that old to have problems.

Lucky for this Nissan driver, her car manufacturer stepped up to fix the problem.