Chew on this: Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta Pass deal bigger than ever


Olive Garden Never Ending #pastapass is back.

The parking lots are full and the lines wrap around the building on a weekend evening. Chain restaurants are popular with many families. I try to avoid them, so perhaps I take note of the long lines more than others. I’m always amazed. Clearly I’m not in the majority on this one, which is why I’m bringing this deal alert to the masses. Olive Garden is serving up an even bigger plate of pasta with even more Never Ending Pasta Passes. This year, an unprecedented 21,000 passes will be sold.

Customers gobbled up 2,000 Never Ending Pasta Passes in less than a minute during last year’s promotional sale. The Italian restaurant known for its buttery and endless breadsticks, also offers seven weeks of its Never Ending Pasta Bowl.

The promotion will last from October 3 through November 20. You’ll get unlimited pasta, sauce, toppings, soup or salad, breadsticks, and soft drinks. Basically eat and drink as much as you can!

You can try to grab one of these passes starting Thursday, September 15, at 2 P.M. ET. For one hour or maybe just one minute again. Up to 21,000 passes will be available. Each one costs $100 and you can only purchase one pass per transaction. So if your whole family wants passes, you better have your fingers ready to click on different computers. Click here to try to be one of the lucky fans.

It’s like the Golden ticket from Willy Wonka. Will you be able to get it?

If you’re not one of the lucky 21,000, there’s no need to worry. You can still feast on pasta during the seven week promotion by paying $9.99. That’s a deal with the pass or without. For the pass to be worth the money, you have to go 10 times. That’s more than once per week during the promotional period. Carb load anyone?